Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Fun at Home

We've been laying pretty low lately, not too much going on so far this year. But it feels great! Stephen had to plug my car in so it would start last week- that's how long it had been since I'd driven anywhere!

Cooper eating an apple dip beater- I love pics like this, of things that say something about childhood, ya know?

Coop loves both of the Corduroy books. He brings me books in bed in the morning when he's awake and I'm not quite sure I want to be yet. :)

Chasing with Dad. Stephen and Cooper most always take a few minutes before he gets rocked to sleep to play around the living room. This is Cooper's favorite game. :)
Lately I've had the thought so often that "I just want to capture this moment." Cooper is so amazingly fun right now and I just wish I could bottle it up. Stephen and I both so often comment on how fun he is- saying all kinds of words and just being cute in almost every way. I know we'll miss these times all too soon and I just want to be able to have something to cling to when they're gone. I'm forever taking pictures, but still, I feel like they fall short somehow. Pretty sure he just needs to stop growing, that's all. :)


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