Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun, Snow and Smiles :)

It snowed again!
You'd actually never guess it as of today- there's hardly a single trace left, thanks to the wind and rain. But Sunday afternoon was bright and sunny, the snow from the night before just begging to be tracked through! I LOVE these pics of the boys ready to go out and play!

First things first, you have to make sure that you get your gloves good and wet so your hands will be freezing for the rest of the play time outside. Then, you really must go remind the summer yard toys that you haven't completely forgotten them. :)

Cooper so badly wanted to roll a ball across the yard and have it get big enough for a snowman, like he's seen in several of the library books I've read him. It worked kinda sorta, but packing it firmer with your hands was more effective by far! While he kept trying anyway, Ry actually helped me pile snow...

Ta da! Our third, somewhat miniturized, snowman of the season! Still rockin' the sweet sunglasses :) And another parting shot for the fun of it- a taste of who they really are:

"Pure Sugar" as Stephen's Grandma Sally would surely say :)



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