Wednesday, February 22, 2012

WdW Giveaway and My Take on Why

Quite awhile back I mentioned that I had started exchanging handmade items on a fun site called whoopdwhoop. Well it was really fun and exciting! It's nice when the things I make are enjoyed by others and when, in return, I can pick out handmade things for myself and the boys that I just wouldn't buy otherwise. I love packaging up what I send- it really is super fun. :)

For awhile, I actually only participated very little, but have recently started doing more again. One neat thing about swapping handmade items is that you're not just focused on your own stuff and your own success. The real thrill is seeing what new things have been listed for grabs and what other crafters are doing! It's also nice to have the option to be involved to the degree you can manage, rather than the pressure of having to do more than you really want to.

Anyhow, one of my fellow crafters on whoopdwhoop is having a
Challenge/ Giveaway at her cute little blog, Sweetly Made Just for You,
to help whoopdwhoop grow even more!

and I will throw in a set of my matchbook notepads and a Little Cinch Backpack!

If you have any inkling to try it out, you can get some
cool, handmade prizes on top of the fun of participating!
Give whoopdwhoop a look-
no doubt you have talents that could make it fun for you too!



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