Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Feet May Leave, but Never our Hearts

I've seen tile and wooden signs with this saying... "Home, that our feet may leave, but never our hearts." I know for me, this is certainly true. My own home and the area we live with our own little family is very much home, but when I visit my parents I still feel the comfort of home there too. It is a place I think I'll forever cling to for a sense of comfort and a renewal of my enthusiasm and ambition. One thing that makes our visits home even better now is seeing Cooper love it there too.

Last weekend Stephen took a short hunting/ business trip while Cooper and I traveled to East Idaho to visit my parents and sisters. Cooper mimicks Grammie and Papa's every move- I'm pretty sure there couldn't be a more adoring fan. He loves and talks constantly about Papa and the backhoe and could've dug forever with Grammie in the garden. I only got a few pics, but I thought they were pretty special.


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