Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

This Easter weekend was packed with all kinds of fun- it was fun to have Taron and Keaton with us and they were great sports about everything. We hid thier Easter baskets after church and Stephen gave them both a run for thier money finding them! My favorite thing about all three boys being together is how awesome they are with thier little brother. Cooper couldn't love them more and they are awesome big brothers. :)

Coop scoping out his Easter bucket. It's so fun to see him really taking things like this in for the first time, actually being old enough to comprehend them. The look on his face when he found his bucket, his excitement over his new little tractor and little yellow Peeps is so heartwarming. Everything is exciting for this little guy right now- and it makes our life awesome. I couldn't love more how he says "Mommy!" in such an excited little scream every time he sees something he likes or recognizes. I hope that never changes and I am always as responsive as I need to be. :)

The boys dying eggs on Friday night. Taron and Keaton were pretty good at getting creative and making them really pretty. Cooper was so excited in general and got his hands all blue and green. He sure didn't want to be patient for them to get very colorful, so Taron and Keaton re-soaked most of his when he was off playing later! Then we ate the eggs for breakfast with pull aparts before Church on Sunday. Yummy and beautiful :)
On a side note, Stephen and I both had to teach combined lessons on Easter Sunday and I have to say that our preparations made it so that we felt the spirit of Easter and a gratitude for the Atonement and Resurrection moreso than in recent years. I know that our Savior's Resurrection makes everything in life possible- the priesthood, eternal families, repentance, joy, our ability to prove ourselves. This year, and hopefully moreso every year, we are grateful and awed by the real meaning of Easter. :)


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