Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jumpn and Swingn and Playn, oh my!

Cooper always has some pretty sweet hat hair after I take off his warm hat. I couldn't resist a picture of this particular time! :)

Swingn with Daddy. I have to just say that Stephen rocks- he is such a great Dad and makes his kids so happy. :)

Jumpn Boy! Lately he's been doing lots of climbing up on things and jumping off into pillows or the beanbags. He is quite a dare devil! I love the arm up in the air, as though he might as well be flying across town :)

With the baby chicks no longer, Stephen came bringing Cooper home a pair of baby geese. Several people will be glad to know that they are pets and not hawk food :) Cooper loves trying to get them to play with him and pulling them around in his little block wagon. They are now an outside toy only since Mom just can't really handle this kind of thing in the house, but he sure does enjoy them!


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