Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Chicks and Wierd Weather

Several days ago Stephen was given a box of day old chicks for hawk food. Cooper was in love with them immediately and has been totally infatuated ever since! We're keeping several of them alive and he begs constantly to play with them. It's cute to see him learn to be soft with them, pack them around in little buckets and cups. I love the look on his face above- he is so happy! Sooner than later they will be a thing of the past, but are kind of fun right now at least!

Stephen's birthday cake! It lookes pretty cool with 38 tall and swirly candles on it! And he did a pretty decent job of getting most of them out in one breath too! Thanks to our friends and family that remembered the day and made it a good one for him!

Coop's haircut! He looks so cute when his hair is short enough to spike it a bit. Stephen does a good job!
We've also had the wierdest weather around here lately! Yesterday when we woke up, there was snow on the ground and it was coming down strong! It looked like winter was set right back in again. So strange when for the few days before, we'd been outside in T-shirts. Then by mid-afternoon, it was totally gone! I missed my chance to get a picture at all. Welcome to Idaho I suppose. Now it seems this crazy wind has set in- it's been howling all night and day so far. Mary Poppins will likely be arriving any minute. :) Have a good week all!


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