Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snake River Canyon Love

With warmer weather recently, all of the water falls in the Snake River Canyon are sights to see right now. This last weekend we took time to go down to Caldron Linn, a lesser known falls closer to home, with our friends the Gardners. I had never seen it so high! You could definetly tell why it's named after a caldron! Everyone had fun throwing rocks into the water too... little boys and big boys- seems like the appeal of throwing rocks into water somehow never ends :)

Stephen is tough you know... :)

Good times with good friends

Then on Sunday afternoon, we thought we would venture taking a picnic down to Shoshone Falls, a popular water fall closer to Twin. (Cooper is eating a popsicle on the way in this adorable plaid hat) Well, after seeing the line of cars in the pic below, our picnic turned into eating our sandwhiches on the way back home. With another mile to go down into the Canyon beyond this line of cars, we didn't want to wait that long just to have nowhere to park! We are country mice for sure- give us the place where fewer people are! Anyhow... guess that's what happens when spring fever convinces us to try and turn Sunday into Saturday :) We'll catch Shoshone Falls another day!


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