Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! (late)

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I know it's over at this point, but I did want to post
a Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
This morning Cooper woke up and ran straight past his own Valentine surprises
to get the card we made for Daddy out of his room...
I was so touched at his sweet little heart!

And we tweaked Coop's Valentines just a bit-
he was so thrilled with them and I loved how they turned out!
Between his preschool party and getting a package from Gma and Gpa Huffaker
it was a fun morning!

Later we made brownies, cut them in heart shapes and
took them to a few friends "ding dong ditching"!
Cooper and Ryder both were so stinkin' cute
running back to the car after they rang the doorbell!

Funny story: I thought I knew where a certain friend that Cooper wanted to take them to lived.
But when the door got opened just after he got back to the car, a woman and little boy I didn't recognize looked out! I clearly had the wrong house! Oh well- some random family got some yummy brownies!

And that handsome guy? He is still my Valentine and always will be! He makes our life great!
I love you, Stephen!
PS... Cooper says you "look a little funny" without your goatee in this picture! :)

Hope it was a great Valentines Day for everyone!



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