Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Exchanging Valentines Crafty Mom Style :)

I recently participated in a Valentines Exchange at Happy Hour Projects and met another bloggy bestie in the process- Kadie from Seven Alive! She is such a sweet, talented lady! She has five kids and does some awesome crochet projects, among other things. And what a small world it is after all- she grew up not far from us in Idaho!

The boys were totally excited to help me open the package and enjoyed seeing all the goodies inside! The cute little heart masks were just for them- right up their alley :)


She also included these fun little extras- some sweet little bookmarks and some really pretty resin flower earrings. Isn't that little crocheted flower bookmark adorable! I love how dainty it is! You can get more info about how Kadie makes these HERE and how she makes the jumbo paperclip ones HERE.

The real star of the show is this amazing scarf- beautiful, huh?! It is so soft and "ruffles" or "curls" so beautifully! I love how I felt when I tried this on! I'm sure that this took a fair amount of time to complete and I know how frustrating it can get to complete anything with kids needing something at every turn- I am so grateful for such a thoughtful gift :) I had told her I loved purple and Stephen actually got me a purple jacket for Christmas that this will go really nicely with.

And I really don't share pics of myself, certainly not by myself, very often- for good reason!
But I wanted to show you how cute this looks on,
so here I am in all my everyday glory- no makeup and a braid!
Aren't the curly strands so fun?! 
That white square is a drawing Cooper did of our  family that I have taped to my mirror... just so you know :)

Thank You again Kadie and Adrianne for a fabulous gift and a fun exchange! While I love the goodies, I'm even happier to have found someone new to stay in close touch with :) 

And for a parting laugh,
here's a few outtakes from my Adventures-in-Self-Portraiture!
Ya know, because you really wanted to see
my toilet and dirty mirror and
particularly weird mouth thing I've got going on there... :P

You can see the fun apron and fabric bucket,
along with other small goodies,
that I sent to Kadie by clicking HERE :)


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