Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Fun!

I feel like it's been Halloween for the entire last month! All the work made for a really fun night, though :) 
The boys woke up to these fun little treat bags, which I made using these printables:

Inside they found these fun jack-o-lantern juices and some Halloween stickers :)
Then I made fun pancakes again, only without the red dye like last year ;)

This year Cooper wanted to be a lizard and Ryder, well... he wanted to be about 65 different things.
Sooo... I had to just kinda roll with one of them...
I decided his "rocket ship" idea was one I could do. Sooo... I did:

Fun, eh? I thought it turned out cute- something original! The thing is though... he didn't.
Every time I put it on him to adjust this, that or the other- he hated it.
He couldn't wait to get out of his little costume jail.

Sooo.... two days before Halloween, I began a whole new costume for him-
with, ya know, 64 other options to choose from. He became the cutest green dinosaur ever :)

Could you die over his tail?!! It kept Stephen and I laughing all night long!
just subbed ribbon for he straps for the sake of time ;)

He had fun shakin' his tooshie for sure :) It bobbed along behind him cuter than cute :)
For his hat, I just winged it based on the lumberjack style  hat he wears for real.

Cooper's costume was certainly more intricate, but also more straightforward too. It was based largely on this one found at Stumbles and Stitches- without the posts regarding the costume she made, I would've been really stumped on where to even start! As I got going, I felt more confident in doing things my own way, like the belly portion, his hat and his feet.

I would go in to look at our leopard geckos on occasion for inspiration too- their bellies are ribbed, not circular patterned like my inspiration. They also don't have spikes on their head, just more scales.  And I got the shape for his feet from watching a new "gecko power" episode of Wild Kratts with the boys- they really added to the whole thing! 

 In the end, he was thrilled as thrilled!
You get the lizard effect best when he's crawling around like this one above :)
He got to wear it to school earlier in the day also-
he thought it was so cool to get to have a snack at school! (His teacher had cupcakes for them) :)

I couldn't have been more pleased watching the two of them enjoy Halloween together! Having made three costumes, I was glad for it to get here- no matter what, my two little men made it so worth it! They got lots and lots of nice comments on their costumes- it was pretty handy having them both be green for keeping track of them in the parking lot! Cooper did great at letting Ryder stick with him and taking care of him all night...

I daresay next year, we'll skip this part of the night and stick to traditional trick or treating, but it was okay too- fun to see a few kids we knew :) After we went to Grandma Laura's in Rigby- they made her night for sure! Then we went to a nearby neighborhood and they got to go from house to house- which they seemed to like much better! Stephen and I laughing over Ry's bouncy tail all the while :)

Love them :) Hope your Halloween was great too!



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