Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Tree

I've seen this idea a number of times and thought the boys would enjoy it through the month,
so we whipped up a simple "Thankful Tree." I thought it turned out pretty fun!

I printed off these leaves from cloud street lab- I rather liked the colors and they were higher resolution than most others I seemed to find. The boys latched right on to the idea and wanted to write on a bunch of them at once- luckily, we were several days into November when we started ;)  I got a kick out of the things they said they were thankful for:

Ryder really just draws on his and then "translates" for me what he's happy about :)
I loved when I asked him, "What's something you're happy to have in your life, Ry?"
and he excitedly said "You!" Things like that are the BEST Mom moments :)
He scribbled another one for Keaton, too :)

Don't ya just love kids' sounded out spelling?!
TRDTL= turtle. TECIR= teacher :)
I love it!
And "Dad"- you guessed it- the first one he wrote!

They had fun taping them onto the tree too:)

By Thanksgiving, our little tree will be fulled-up pretty well :)



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