Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family. All of my siblings were there- the first we've all been together at home in awhile! It was a GREAT day and weekend :) The boys made these fun handprint turkeys the day before to give to Grandma and Grandpa. I try to make a handprint craft with them for every holiday and then keep them as keepsakes.

Our Thanksgiving morning was full of that general feeling of goodness- my brother and youngest sister (and Dad) playing their guitars, all of us girls in the kitchen working, the kids playing and keeping busy. This year my sister-in-law brought a tradition from her family to share:

This fun pineapple turkey! The kids loved helping her stick in the gumdrops. I've gotta make one of these turkey heads so we can pick this us for ourselves through the future!

I always love getting to be around my little nieces- I even got to do little Brylee's hair! We all got a kick out of Quincy helping to fill celery sticks with cheese :)

They enjoyed these little M&M turkeys while they waited for all the food to be ready too :) I got this template from here

All sat down to lunch/ dinner :) I just love a long table with all the leaves in it! My littlest niece napped while we ate, which Lundyn and Josh said made for the most peaceful meal they've had in a long time!

Afterwards, the men shot guns and the kids played some more :) Cooper and Quincy figured out they could turn this large rock in my parent's yard into an archaeological site. They have the coolest Grandpa ever- he gave them safety glasses and hammers so they could have at it! They got a ton of mileage out of this little venture all weekend long :) The chips they got off of the rock were sparkly- they thought they were "diamonds." :)

Every holiday  season, my Mom and sisters usually get together to make candies. This year, we just included it as part of Thanksgiving weekend so that my brother, who lives in Utah, could get in on the fun too :) I love this pic of my Mom with Quincy and Cooper :)

The rest of the weekend was fun and relaxing, too- we even hiked up to cut down a Christmas tree just up the road! It's been a couple of years since we've gotten to go cut a tree down, so this was a treat!

Our trees smelled sooo good! I was under-prepared for this venture, so here I am wearing Stephen's  puffy camo coat! 

The next day, we did this cute Christmas advent craft together- didn't they turn out fun?! We also did a fun little baby shower for Conner and Jodie, who are having their first baby in February! I'll post about that in my next post :)



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