Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Fun

Stephen has been hijacking my camera a fair bit lately
and then keeping it sequestered in his pickup,
so I've got quite a few pics from this past while
that I guess I'll cram into one post now that I have it back!
I also seem to forget about the pictures on my phone and they pile up too...

We've actually got to spend more time out at my Mom and Dad's this last while, which I love!
I love these shots of the boys with Grandpa. It happened to be really warm while we were there, which made for a great day outside surrounded by the mountains :)

Awhile back, Cooper found a cool Smithsonian rock digging set while he was with me at Michaels. It was $15 and he was just devastated when I wouldn't buy it for him. I told him he could wait for Christmas or save up to buy it himself. Being the super patient kid he is, from that moment, he was on a mission to earn the rest of what he would need to have $15. He recently had enough and could hardly contain himself as we went and got the rock set... at 50% off thanks to Mom's coupon ;) He had fun breaking up the big chunk to find these small little gems inside... And in my opinion, it's a darn good thing we got it for 50% off or I'd have been irritated with what they charge for kid's stuff like this! He didn't express any disappointment at all though, which I was glad for after all his work!

One of the last nice days outside in short sleeves...

We recently tried the "growing bar of soap" thing that was burning up Pinterest, found at Our Best Bites. I thought the boys would love it, so we gave it a try- Ivory soap, into the microwave for 2 minutes and... tada! magic! The thing is though, I was certainly more impressed than they were... Cooper thought it smelled so bad he couldn't even handle it and Ryder thought it felt weird...

Ah, well... win some and lose some I guess!

It's been a little bit since we've had snow, but when we last did, the boys were out in it- they love playing in the snow! I love these pics of each of them :) I usually get my coat and boots on and go out to play with them, but on this day, I needed to be inside and was trying to take pics of them through the back door as I could. They wouldn't stand for it and kept throwing snowballs at the door to try and scare me :) Ka-Pow!

Speaking of snow... this is I believe Coop's fourth letter to Santa already this year. None of them have been actually mailed yet, but they've been written none the less :) I love kids sounded-out writing! It totally warms my heart :) His reads: "Dear Santa I want a frog and some arrowheads and a knife and a spear and awesome ??? and a guy that looks like a lizard." His list changes each time he writes a letter, so who knows... In typing this back, I'm wonderin' if I should be worried about his desire for weapons! This letter was the first and only time he's mentioned them though- must've been on his mind at the time :) And anyone want to decipher was a "toosnax" is?? Snacks of some kind I think??

He's actually been doing a lot of this lately. In this one above, he was making a list of all the people in our family- both on Stephen's side and mine. If you're related, can you spot your name up there? :) He was pretty proud... 


My sister-in-law recently gave me these fun glow-in-the-dark tattoos. They were a total novelty for the boys since I've never bought them before. It made for a nice little testimony moment on top of the fun too :) Ryder chose a rhino and a skateboard and Coop had a snake and a guitar. They really did glow when you charged them with a flashlight, which the boys loved :)

And as a parting shot- I love this picture...


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