Sunday, November 11, 2012

Safety and Strength Printable

This last week has been... what can I say... disappointing?
Heart-wrenching. Overwhelming. Sad. Unreal. 
The events of this week didn't go like we had so hoped.
And I know we're not alone.

Were you looking, searching, praying for something
to help ease the foggy, indescribable emotion you felt Tuesday night, Wednesday morning,
maybe even still now?

I know I was.

I found it in a lunch date with my Mom, a relieving conversation with my Dad,
a cuddle with my baby that's not so much a baby anymore. And in this quote shared by a friend...

October 2001... no one needs reminded why that date was significant enough to be significant.
And the way I felt Tuesday night watching Fox News... was about like dejavu for how I felt back then. That might be rather blasphemous to say, but there you have it...

To think about the future, about what America will denote for my boys vs. what it is to me, is too much right now. I can't manage it too much. When I talked to my Dad the next morning, he was reassuring that there was certainly strands of optimism in that outlook. And those are something that I can manage... crazy, considering I'm often more of a pessimist type.

"Our safety lies in repentance. Our strength comes of obedience to the commandments of God."

I LOVE that phrase! I need strength and I don't feel safety in a lot of ways at this point. I sure don't know what's to come at the hand of a national leader I don't personally resonate with in the least. But, I do know that I can trust and find hope, comfort, joy... in the words of our religious leaders. And that I can, always, no matter what outside unrest, create goodness for myself, and even my family by default I suppose, through repentance and obedience.

To think of it all in a spiritual perspective, I feel immediately how blessed life is,
how necessary even the evil and corruption of our day are...
and how I know that, indeed, always, my Heavenly Father is in control.

I can't affect or change the national scheme of things here and now.
But I can have an influence on my immediate surroundings...
reaching out, standing firm, living worthily -
I think I can handle that, ever better, hopefully.

And as such, even all considered, I can Be Still.

So, obviously this is a free printable ;) Click on the color you'd like, then right click and save to print your own 4x6. This one is smaller considering it's a lengthier quote that I thought was probably best served as a card you could tuck in your scriptures or journal or whatever. Enjoy!



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