Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Given that it's 2012, here's 12 blessings I'm grateful for today and everyday:

1) I'm thankful for my husband's job. For the security and peace it brings. For the fact that he has a job in today's world. Also, for the work he has and does outside of his normal job that makes it so our life is what it is.

2) I'm thankful for my husband. Really, he is the keystone to my well-being and it is because of him that I am so abundantly blessed. By some miracle, Stephen truly seemed to fall head over heels when we first met and, believe it or not, that powerful emotion is still alive and well. I'm so grateful for his devotion and complimentary nature. I'm grateful for his desire and ability to provide, for his friendship and our awesome standard of communication. Stephen is rare. I know that, regardless of anything else, for me life would be miserable if our marriage was unhappy or insecure. And I'm so grateful to truly believe that, no matter what, we love each other enough.

3) I'm thankful for my boys! For Cooper, Ryder, Taron and Keaton. I'm so grateful to be a Mom! I'm grateful beyond expression that they are my life's work, that there is no other job that pulls me away. They point out clearer than I'd like sometimes how inadequate I am, but, still and always, I'd rather it be them than anyone or anything else. I am blessed by their smiles and talents and interests, by who they are. They give me purpose and that's what life's all about, eh? :)

4) I'm thankful for our vehicles that get us from point A to point B. Really, that's about all they do and in no grand fashion for sure. But, that is really all I need. I know that their lives are short lived and the need to bite the bullet and figure out other options is growing greater all the time. But, in the meantime, I'm really glad to be able to get where I need to go.

5) I'm thankful for my parents. They are generous and selfless- they are "goodly parents." My childhood was as good as it could have possibly been and my parents still, and forever will, make life better for me. Their spirit and strength lifts me up and makes me think that my life can actually be all that I want it to be, that I am more capable than I realize. My own home is very much home, but they will always be "home" in my heart too. :)

6) I'm thankful for our home, for a place to live and be truly comfortable. It is nothing fancy for sure. But, ah, how I love the feeling of walking in our back door when we've been gone most of the day. I am a homebody for sure and love just being home. Home is stretch pants and a ponytail, letting the boys wear shirts with stains on them and not combing their hair for the day. It's each person's own spot on the couch, it's the little piles of clutter that I can find what I need within. I'm so grateful for this place that means comfort and security.

7) I'm thankful for my creativity. If I wasn't the creative/ crafty type, there would no doubt be something else I'd be into. But, for me, the hobby that brings me joy is creating. I'm grateful for my sewing machine that is simple, but understandable. For my stash of patterned paper scraps, my disarray of fabrics on the shelf, the jar of notions from googly eyes to baker's twine. I'm grateful to have a hobby that fits me. :)

8) I'm thankful for modern medicine. I don't often mention it, but I have Type One Diabetes and have had for 25 years. It's surely a blessing and a curse, but the reason I can even say that is thanks to modern medicine, to the insulins and glucose testing gear that keep me alive. I've referred to insulin as "life elixir" before and it really, truly is. Stephen also takes medication for high blood pressure and I'm grateful for such a thing that can make it so we're not always living in fear. Same goes for the flavored liquids that I have the ability to give my kids when they truly need... I'm just all around grateful for modern medicine.

9) I'm thankful for open space. Thinking about things that really make me happy, wide open space is very much one of them. I'm so grateful for our rural-ish lifestyle, for the mountains and desert, and even the beach, that are within touching distance. I love Idaho life! 

10) I'm thankful for technology. I get in a panic in a hurry when I can't get in touch with my husband and I realize that it wasn't all that long ago that  that was actually the norm- goodbye in the morning, hello again at night. I'm grateful for cell phones and email and texting that keep me connected to the people that matter. I'm grateful for computers and satellite TV and wi-fi. The information age is a blessing :)

11) I'm thankful for faith. My testimony has waxed and waned over time, but it's always been strong enough to be, well, strong, I guess. I'm grateful to be part of our Church and know that it is where true happiness lies. I know my Heavenly Father is aware and forever at the helm. I'm an anxious enough person as it is, and without the anchor of the Gospel I know I'd be a real wreck!

12) I'm thankful for sleep. I've said many times that if I ever find a lamp with a genie inside, my first wish will be that I no longer require sleep. And for real, it would. Think of all I could accomplish! But... as for now, that's not the case and, as such, I'm grateful for the rejuvenating power of sleep. It makes everything better really. I so much appreciate that there is something that can so naturally and readily improve my outlook and emotions- our bodies are phenomenal! :)

And there we have it!
I can think of lots of more simple things to mention too-
the list could be endless, which in itself it a blessing to be thankful for.

Hope the holiday is treating you as well as you deserve!



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