Thursday, November 29, 2012

Conner & Jodie's Baby Shower

So I have three siblings- one brother and two sisters :) Needless to say, Conner was a lone ranger growing up! And now he and his wife are having their first baby BOY!! I was SO thrilled when we found out they were having a boy. First, because, well, Boys Rule ;) and second because our family name through my parents will be carried on :) While we were all home during Thanksgiving weekend, we threw a simple family baby shower for them- with the men included!

The simple gift table. I love making diapers cakes- it's been awhile and it was fun! I did this one more simply based on THIS tutorial. I also made a diaper satchel for them and some fun burp clothes. I got the cutest wipes case from a friend in our ward at a craft fair recently and gave that to them too :) 

We played a quick baby animal matching game using THIS cute sheet. But everyone's favorite part of the whole thing I think was filling out and reading these "Wishes for Baby" cards that I printed HERE. We all got to put our advice in the prompts on these cute little sheets above. It included things like "I hope you ignore_________, "I hope you respect_______," "I hope you aren't afraid ________."

Conner and Jodie took turns reading them out loud.
This ended up being both funny and tender too.
My funny brother-in-law that went on his mission to Japan wrote,
"I hope you learn Japanese," and "I hope you don't forget your name!"
If I ever have a hand in future baby showers, I'll be using these again for sure! :)
Afterwards I tied them all together between some card stock
so they have a little booklet of all our advice :)

I couldn't help but snag a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Waddoups-
wish they would've been looking, but I'll take it- they look happy :)

My mom made these adorable blankets! The colorful one is all out of minky- Conner was thinking he might need to keep it for himself it was so soft! 

We are all looking forwards to welcoming a new little one into our family!



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