Friday, March 19, 2010

Green Day and More

Green french toast for St. Patricks Day breakfast. We just called it "green day" around here :)

I've been trying to get a good pic of how Ryder reacts to Cooper and this is all I've got so far. He certainly lights up for his big brother!

It's been warming up on and off around here. A few warmish afternoons lately we've been taking walks down the street- Cooper likes to puch Ryder in the umbrella stroller. Or I rig them up in the wagon and off we go! (Indeed, those walks are shorter than the stroller version ;)

Nursery Day! (aka. Sunday, of course) Doesn't he look so handsome?! Time, don't move right from this point- I could take him like this right here forever I do believe... By the way, see that little yellow puff in his hand? That is his fav toy these days- a little chick we got at Dollar Tree. He never ceases to find new hiding places for it or adventures to create around it. So fun... :)

Ry Guy in the laundry basket... laughing for Daddy if I remember right :)

Peeking out of Dad's hat. He's been liking wearing hats more these days it seems.

Yes, Coop, I know, I'm wierd. :) Doesn't stop me from trying to create things you might enjoy, though :)

Dumptruck ride! This is one of my favorite of Coops toys- this sturdy yellow dumptruck from my Mom. Don't you just love his look of terror below?! :)


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