Monday, March 8, 2010

Lucky People Live Here

I often see ideas that I really like but don't have all the pieces for- be it time, actual supplies, etc. But when I saw the cutie wreath above at Craftaholics Anonymous I realized I did and I went to work on a version of my own!

I started building flowers like these, but then changed my mind and decided that, although St. Patricks isn't a holiday we necessarily celebrate, I would give the Law of Attraction a little nod ;)

Now, anyone who knocks on our front door will see that "Some very LUCKY people live here!"

Something about this just makes me smile- thanks for a great idea Linda! AnRemove Formatting from selectiond thanks to my Mom that I had the stuff for this- she recently cleaned out her craft space and my sister and I were the lucky recipients of some great hand-me-downs! For the fun of it, I'm sharing at TGC, and of course, back to the source as part of Craftaholics Anonymous St. Patty's party...


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