Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break and Spring Cleaning

For the longest time I've wanted to get our house sprayed down to give the siding a facelift. I even know someone with a pressure washer! ;) Stephen was finally able to get some outside cleaning done last week while Taron and Keaton were with us over the last half of thier spring break. They really enjoyed operating the nozzle and kept asking to do it some more! Now our house looks much better! Bring on the sun to let it shine :)

Clearing debris from our driveway and stripping this bench so I can re-purpose it for our front porch in the process.

Cooper spent the time shoveling rocks into a bucket (he loves shovelling!). And Ryder was happily bundled up in the stroller. Crazy we picked a cold, windy afternoon to do this, but Stephen had told me he would make it happen and didn't want to break his word- you rock, babe!
Thanks Stephen for making this happen, and thanks Taron and Keaton for making the work enjoyable! Don't worry, we really didn't make them work the whole time they were here...


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