Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrap Fabric Camouflage Games

This is a super simple little idea Cooper actually came up with on his own
awhile back as he was sitting beside me while I was cutting fabric.
He put a small piece on top of a larger one and said,
"Mom, look, it's camouflage!" 

And, yes, yes, I realize "camoflauge" is spelled wrong in this photo...
I seriously thought that this was the right spelling
and Photoshop does a heckuva lot of things, but spell check isn't one of them!).
Not until actually getting here to do the post does it show up wrong!
And I'm just gonna carry on anyway so I don't have to re-edit the photo :P
It looks right, right? :)

Anyhow, if you have fabric that looks a bit like this after it's been cut...

... you can turn the random scraps and edges into a "magic" game for your kiddos!

And again, yes, yes I realize this was the dumbest way ever to have cut this fabric-
obviously it's seen multiple small projects! :P

See the smaller pieces hiding on top?
Some patterns obviously work better, but Cooper really enjoys
trying to blend them together and then get us to find his "magic!"

A super simple way to entertain your little ones!
Dig through that scrap basket or trim off some worthless edges
and they have a magic show ;)

I wanted to whip up a simple little bag for him to keep them all in, and still will,
 but he whisked these cuts off to his "treasure shelf" right away!
Trying to find where they are in all those treasures- there's the real camouflage! 



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