Monday, February 23, 2009

Utah Sky Trials and More

This last weekend we traveled to the Utah Sky Trials, a falconry event that Stephen goes to every year. It's actually pretty fun because we get a chance to see some friends that we don't see any other time of the year, and some really impressive bird flights. I saw more of a cute little boy in a blue coat than anything else, but I love that! Cooper had so much fun trying to keep up with Taron, playing in the dirt, pushing his Tonka truck around and seeing all the birds. He loves being outside and it was a pretty warm weekend, so a good combination.

Below are also a few random pics from the week or so before. Last week I had the chance to see our baby again- moving around a lot and it's little heart beating away. We were pretty excited to see our ticker move below 200 days! :)

His favorite thing when I'm in the kitchen is to be standing on a chair at the sink and playing in a bowl of water. He loves playing in water no matter where or how or how much!

This is Coop with Nathaniel and Andrew Gardner, our good friends. They were over for popcorn, orange julius and a movie and I thought the three of them looked so cute!

Garrett and Cooper eating Valentine Fun Dip- they loved sticking out thier tongues for a picture! I watch Garrett while my Aunt Lisa is at work on Monday and Tuesday. The two of them have a good time together since Garrett is only ten months older. :)


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