Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa and more

This was Cooper's first time sitting on Santa's lap! He was so cute when Santa came walking in. He and several other kids ran up to him to give him a hug! Then Cooper got right in line to sit on his lap. He seemed unsure for only a split second and then went on and told him he wanted "a fishing pole"... Then he said about ten "thank you's" for his goodie bag. Gosh how special Christmas is as a little kid! That kind of innocent magic is rare...

Keaton said on the way home, "I didn't want to sit on his lap." I'd say they both look pretty uncomfortable! No one was forcing them, so I guess the goodie bag was worth it :) Fun to have pics of them all. No matter what mistakes we all make and weaknesses we all have, we appreciate Taron and Keaton being with us.

The minute I went to take a picture of Keaton with Ryder he started crying. I rather like this picture even though :)
Yesterday we took the boys to Pocatello for church so they could sing with the Primary during sacrament meeting. Coop was standing excitedly watching them. I had to watch from the foyer with Ryder but Stephen said that after the first of three songs Cooper said loudly, "good job!" And then when they got back to their seats, he said loudly again, "good job, brothers!" Kids make church intersting for sure :)

Coop laying in bed with Ryder this morning. Happy boys...
In other news.... a photo of Stephen and his bird after a successful flight is part of the current Jared Scott Outdoors photo contest. Click here and then scroll down to the second group of photos to vote for his!


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