Monday, June 1, 2009

Cooper Conner Turns Two!

This last Saturday we celebrated Cooper's second birthday with family, friends and fun. THANK YOU to everyone who came to support- some of you from quite a ways. We set up some water toys at the back of the yard and the kids played and played. We had a yummy BBQ and Cooper got so many presents it was literally like Christmas! He is in love with all of it and has been playing with everything ever since. :)

I have to confess it's a little bitersweet for him to have another birthday... I can see myself having a hard time with my kids growing up! Cooper and I are really attached and I just pray that at least part of that continues as he gets older. I know sooner than later I'll be more attached to him than he is to me, and that I'll so miss him coming and asking "Mommy, hold you." Come what may, we sure love this little guy- he is our whole world!


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