Monday, June 22, 2009

Catching Up to Father's Day

While not too much exciting has been happening in our world lately, I do have some cute pics to post of our general goings on. I love this one above of all three boys- this particular morning, the boys were on the living room floor and Keaton hollered to me that I should come take a picture- I was glad he did!
Cutest little guy ever on the tramp :) These make me smile...

Cooper is fond of pulling pans and bowls out of the lazy susan in our kitchen and playing with them while I'm cooking. This last weekend Taron decided he would join in and built multiple towers- so typical of him! He is a creative dude :)

We recently brought my keyboard home from my sister's and Cooper loves playing on it...

Cooper randomly decided that his ride-on toy should have a trailer, so our awesome Daddy tied his little block wagon to the back and he has been hauling tractors and books around ever since! It's funny all the places he thinks he can manuever this big rig into- he has yet to get the hang of driving with a trailer :)

When Coop wants to play hide and seek he goes to a place and announces "Hiding!" That tells me that I should start counting and then he'll jump right back out :) So fun... this is him hiding in our bathroom towel cupboard.

So Taron and Keaton just couldn't stand waiting to give their Dad his Father's Day present and made him open it on Friday night. They get that from him- there have only been a few times he's let me wait until the actual holiday to open a present he's gotten me! The boys and Stephen are all great gift givers. Anyhow, part of the present was this adorable tie the boys had made at a primary activity. It had "Dad" spelled out in toothpicks, little flags and pinwheels, some stickers and buttons- all kinds of fun. He wore it with pride yesterday :)


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