Friday, June 20, 2014

Banana Boat Makes Mom's Bag Better

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Ah, I love summer... already this year I've been able to fool myself that things can be more relaxing than they really can... which makes for some crazy days of catch-up! But, so be it, I love having ALL my boys around and trying to really enjoy them. :)

No matter what we're doing, Banana Boat Sunscreen and a few tricks and treats in my simple bag help a lot with that. Kids don't really think about anything other than finding their own shoes, right? My older boys are great at helping, but it's usually with the rougher and tougher stuff, like loading fishing poles and chairs. Sooo.... I've gotta be on tap with the goodies that turn our fun times into something unique or keep everyone happy the whole time!

 I gotta say, I think we do pretty great at soaking up the summer for the most part. We hit the beach at our local lake a lot, load up the bikes for a new ride spot, shoot bows and throw tomahawks, venture into the desert with the guns, load up to camp for the week at our favorite spots, and play in the yard constantly. Water fights and obstacle courses abound. Don't get me wrong, some days are just lazy video game days... and that's part of the greatness of summer too. :) But more than anything, we spend a lot of time in the sun- ah, I love that warm feeling of the sun soaking into my skin!

So, what's in my bag that makes or breaks the fun for us all? For starters, earlier this year, I went to Walmart to add a few different Banana Boat Sunscreens to my bag. I got a Kids Free Spray SPF 50 for my littler guysMen's SPF 30 Clear Spray for my older boys and hubby (anything that helps teenagers think sunscreen isn't just for babies is awesome in my book), and finally, Protect and Hydrate SPF 50 lotion- spray sunscreen might just be the best invention ever, but sometimes you just gotta rub it on instead, plus I love the idea of it being hydrating too. :) The Men's line comes in SPF 50 and lotion style (I personally love the smell of this stuff!), and the Protect and Hydrate has a spray option too. My local Walmart had them on a large aisle display near the swimsuits at the front...

Other things like towels, chapstick, hand sanitizer and wipes are usual suspects in my bag too. And then there's the snacks- this is the real key to keeping everyone happy, I'd say. :) I've noticed having several different kinds of snacks is a good thing too.

We recently went fishing as a family to a small local pond. After an hour or so, they'd all had several bites but no catching was happening. About the time the bugs and the neighboring fishermen and the lack of success was making everyone generally discontent, I went to my bag, and dolled out drinks and snacks. Put a stop to the complaints in a hurry :)

And a few other random things that I've found help them be more creative at the beach or on our outdoor outings include:

glow sticks
plastic cups (these can become a shovel or a mold in a pinch)
a few ziploc bags (for gathering treasures)
small toys (cars, dinosaurs, action figures that fit in your hand)
water bomb balls (the soft ones from Dollar Tree)
a frisbee- so versatile!
small binoculars
small notepad and pen
fold-out paper fans (often see these at Dollar Tree)

The list could go on, right? Adding a few fun, boredom buster types of things can really keep us happy and thinking creatively when we're out and about together. I really try to not let the boys know what I pack when we go so it will be a surprise when I get it out later too! And if Mom didn't think of them, no one else would! :)

Add Banana Boat, several snacks and a few random tricks and you can soak up the sun to your hearts content! And for a step- up from content, be sure to check out Banana Boat's Wheel of Fun Contest on Facebook page for chances to win a trip to Sea World, Disney World/Land or Six Flags! Or try the Walmart home page where you can instantly win up to a $100 Walmart gift card!

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Happy Summer Fun all!


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