Monday, June 2, 2014

Cooper's 7th Birthday Shenanigans

This last weekend we celebrated as Cooper turned seven! We had a busy, fun Mountain Man style party right here at home :)

Cooper's friends from school, church and around the neighborhood, along with other friends and family, were here to support him- he was beaming the whole time! The kids shot bows and threw knives, hit a bison pinata, and were given little suede drawstring bags I had made, along with a few glass beads that they could trade around. Of course I got two pictures the whole time... I've seriously gotten horrible that way! It was a really great night though- we're blessed with wonderful, thoughtful people in our lives that make both simple times and big events better :)

Cooper and I the morning after his actual birthday...

and the Memorial weekend before below. Just him and I drove briefly through the 1,000 flags field here in town one night. I was so impressed with him as we were there- he was really respectful and asking questions, soaking it all in. 

Cooper is silly and goofy, excited and busy, smart and curious. He's often moving on to something new, soaking it deeply in and then looking for the next thing. He reads well and enjoys reading. He loves his bike, organizing his bedroom desk, wearing pants only when he absolutely has too, spending alone time with his Dad, and playing over at the neighbors, to name just a few. More than anything he loved mountain men and learning about frontier times. When he gets something in his head, he's always been "all in" on it and right now that is where his heart really is :)

He's not always patient or calm, he gets frustrated both with himself and with situations, and it boils him over sometimes. He doesn't seem to get it when enough is enough and thinks over-the-top silliness is the best thing ever. But he is loving and thoughtful, kind and desirous toward good. His spirit and happiness just shine through him. We love you, Cooper! :)

In other Buffat family news, too... we visited my Grandpa Huffaker's grave on Memorial Day with all of my siblings and my Grandma. I think this is the first time the boys have been here and it was just a nice time. We went to a park after and just enjoyed each other. I couldn't help thinking that it's the moments of our everyday lives, our decisions and our heartfelt efforts, that Grandpa is most present in our lives, more than here in the cemetery, he's just with us. :)

Taron and Keaton are with us again now for longer bit of time this summer! They make our life better for sure and I just want to soak up every bit of time they're here. The little boys come to life more fully with them around and I seem to operate at a higher energy level too. They complete us :)



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