Friday, May 30, 2014

Wood Creations of Idaho Falls 'Land of the Free' Kit Giveaway

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Hooray- it's time to decorate with all that Red, White and Blue! This time of year seems to have an energy about it that I can't help but love :) Today I'm sharing this super simple, but super catchy 'Land of the Free' plaque from Wood Creations of Idaho Falls and even giving one away...

There are a lot of Independence Day themed wood kits from Wood Creations that I really love- I always have a hard time choosing. But really, this time seemed particularly hard. I finally fell upon this plaque and really love how it turned out. It is one of the easier kits I've ever done. The white one above was the display in the store, but I knew I wanted to put blue on the back instead.

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You've seen me outline the details of how to put these great kits together before, so I didn't spell it out here today. If you want to see the specific steps, try THIS POST.

So, are you ready to win one? I've only added a few entry option here, so this will be really quick to enter- Good Luck and happy decorating!

And for a chance to win this kit below, click over to Fearlessly Creative Mamas- I loved the kit she chose too!

Here's a few more Independence Day goodies you'll find around here too- enjoy!


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