Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adorable Little Nail Polish Gift Favor

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This craft honestly feels a good ways out of my normal. Nail polish and boys... makes sense I'd say so, eh?! I'm actually not even particularly big on painting my own nails, or maybe at being able to keep them looking pretty at least...

But, I recently needed a small gift that I could hand out easily and without too much detail. I had found a box of these adorable, tiny little nail polish bottles and paper crafted these simple favors. Thought I'd share a short tutorial in case they might be of use to anyone hosting a party or needing a small, basic gift as well :)

For my favors above, I used the cute DCWV Summer and Spring 6x12 paper stack. The 6" size was perfect for these mini nail polish bottles. Each piece of cardstock I'm working with is 6 x 2.5". If your bottle of nail polish you want to have inside is larger, the length in particular will be more. I measured and scored what will become the bottom of my gift package by hand.

By that I mean that, because I don't have a scoring blade for my paper trimmer, I used the rounded end of a pair of scissors along the cutting line of the trimmer to create a nice fold. Really just pressing on the paper into and indent :) To know where to create the scores, set your polish down at the center of your paper strip and mark from there.

I adhered the polish bottles to the section now between my imprinted score lines on the paper with glue dots like above- not too picky here, just wanted it to be effective.

Now fold the paper side up at your scored lines and match the top edges. I used a small double hole punch like above, then laced a section of ribbon through. This could be a nice use of ribbon scraps you might have!

I didn't intend to tie a whole bow, just a simple knot, to begin with, But I really liked the look of the bow more- it really just made the gift for sure! So I left myself a larger piece of ribbon to work with and tied a bow just like a shoelace. This is certainly the fun part- matching ribbons and papers! Perhaps my favorite crafts ever involve those two things :)

I just thought they turned out just adorable- would make a great little favor for a girly party or shower! Super simple to create and a nice effect that is unique from just the polish bottles themselves. :) Enjoy if you make them too!

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