Friday, May 16, 2014

Take it Outside, Boys

For real, I don't say that all too often.
I've kinda just had to give in to the fact that wrestling and chasing will be a big part of indoor life already!
It's just that we've been spending more time outside naturally lately, is all :)

Ok, so, ya... obviously guns I make them take outside ;)
We travel west to hit the desert for some shooting fun on Saturday mornings fairly regularly it seems. I should say the boys kinda drag me along... This very day Stephen was actually heading that direction to go shooting and I was heading opposite to do some shopping alone. I really like shopping alone, honestly. But on the way... my heart just kinda started to tug or something. The thought came to my mind, "What will really fulfill me?"

I've been thinking on that a bit lately- trying to motivate myself to be more motivated in general I guess. So, I turned around and met him in his tracks. I didn't really want to, honestly. I wanted to just shop and be alone. But I wanted to feed my soul even more. And these boys do that for me. Lately it's felt like when Taron and Keaton are with us, I'm breathing fully for that stint of time or something. Hasn't always been that way... but it is now. They complete me as a Mom :)

Plus, they all needed someone to entertain them/ drive them crazy with my freak out moments as Stephen bashes around off-road and through the muddy trails. Have I ever mentioned that I really dislike off-roading? Seriously not my thing. I get legitimately worried and they think I'm just too uptight and laugh at my hysteria. They won't be laughing when we actually get stuck (again) though.... :)

Actually been warm enough on occasion to bust out the sprinkler and swimsuits! I love water fun in the yard! We can't wait for Rigby Lake to fill up so we can hit the beach :)

Ryder actually did the Rainbow Loom himself recently! He got the hang of the motion his hands needed to make really simply, actually :) I crocheted the bands while he used the loom and we made several together. When he had them on, he went and checked them all out, then came back and said, "I looked in the mirror and KABLAM, I was cool!" Ha ha, love this little man :)

He also started ABC Mouse recently and has loved it! I'm anxious to use it to fill some time with better things that just normal video games this summer. We had planned on him not starting kindergarten, since he has such a late birthday to the deadline... but (insert drumroll here)... we just found out he got drawn at our local free Montessori Charter School!!!! (If I'm using multiple exclamation points, it's a big deal).

He and Cooper both get to go (when one sibling is drawn, the other is brought in as well) and we are thrilled! It will be amazing for Cooper, who gets pretty bored and frustrated at school. We are so blessed- how I love the blatant times in our life where we see our Heavenly Father give us a firm push in the direction we need to go! He is aware of the details!

And, indeed, we've still got one super excited wanna-be Daniel Boone in the house :) Cooper was beyond thrilled to become the proud owner of his first coon skin cap! I've been really focusing on having them earn money and buying the things they want entirely on their own- not bridging the gap when they don't have enough. He was stoked he had enough to pay all on his own. This boy has such a bright, animated, strong spirit! I'm so anxious for school to be out so I can remind him better who he really is and have it shine through stronger again!



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