Monday, May 5, 2014

Simple Stenciled Pillowcase with Tulip for Your Home

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I received products and compensation for this post. Opinions and thoughts shared are entirely mine, of course...

Ya know, oftentimes I really wish I painted more. (Did lots of things more really- ha!) Recently I was sent an awesome box of great new Tulip For Your Home products- textile paints, stencils, adhesive, roller brush and a pillowcase ready to be decorated.

Wish to paint more granted! So today I'm sharing how you can design and create your own pillow too. I think you (and me, too) should do more of what makes you happy... and I really think this project is one that will! :)

This is what I was sent- I couldn't resist sharing a a close-up of the stencil designs- aren't they adorable?! And these three are only a few of the ones that are part of this Tulip For Your Home line- there are so many great choices- I liked them all!

To create a stenciled pillow yourself:

Start by ironing your pillow- that'll make it nice and smooth to work on. Then put a sheet of wax paper or some folded newspaper inside your pillow form to avoid the paint bleeding through.

Lightly spray the matte side of your stencil with adhesive spray, let it dry a little and then smooth down over your pillow surface. Don't worry, it's even re-positionable. I did practice on a sheet of newspaper with my stencil before using on my pillow, so that's why it's already colored above :)

Squeeze a fair bit of paint onto a paper plate and roll your roller through until the entire surface is coated and those "paint lines" like above are gone. Then roll evenly over your stencil- it's really fun! At least, I thought it was :) Make sure to stay aware of the outer edge.

I did choose to use two colors per each of my stencils. If you're looking to blend colors also, just be aware of where you want your merged color area to be and stop painting there.

 After letting it dry just a sec, peel the stencil up slowly. Repeat this very same process with your second stencil- these layer so well! I did try to keep the area where the colors changed the same as with the bottom so it didn't look "off." I played with the placement of my flower and ultimately decided the center was just the best. Sometimes simple just has to rule, ya know? :)

Ok, truth: I personally over- adhesive-ised my top stencil. I'm not at all a no-mistakes crafter. (That's why I emphasize the "lightly" part above!) Sooo... the lines inbetween my flower petals weren't crisp in a few places. I quickly grabbed a strip of tape and used the sticky side to pick up the adhesive within the lines. I went right over the paint even and it was no big deal- it dries really quick. You won't need this little step, I'm sure of it ;)

Ta da- so easy, and just my style at that. You can buy fun pillows lots of places, but none of them will be as YOU as one that you design and stencil yourself. :)

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For lots more amazing creativity, connect with I Love to Create (the makers of Tulip products)- so much inspiration and simplicity here:

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