Thursday, June 26, 2014

Random Acts of Kindness Treasure Hunt: Summer Edition!

This post was originally shared over at the blog Maybe I Will as part of her summer fun series, but I wanted to make sure and share here too- a unique, service-oriented idea and freebie for something to do with your kiddos on these summer days :)

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You might remember that last fall, I made a fun treasure hunt kit that turned one of our normal treasure hunts into a lesson in kindness...I really love doing random acts of kindness with the boys- nothing uplifts in quite the same way. Need a boost? Try paying for the person behind you in the drive through and not pulling away with a smile! And I want my little men to feel that same thing- to "get it" that not everything in their world has to be rough and tough- it's cool to think of others and be kind. 

I knew I wanted to make a summer version of the treasure hunt kit to share too and used this bright digital scrapbooking kit from Summertime Designs to design the new clues.

The idea here is that each clue involves an act of kindness to earn the next one. I'm the keeper of all the clues and they come back to me after each is completed. It also gives me an extra chance to praise their creativity and clever thinking :)

Several things that are quite specific to summer are part of the clue tasks- popsicles, sidewalk chalk and yard sales! Even if your summertime is more of an indoor thing because it's too hot to be outside, these would largely work. Clues involve getting things ready for delivering later, so that means the kindness activities continue beyond just this one game. My boys love knock and running, so I know that one will be a favorite...

Super covert, aren't they? ;)

One of the things I always worry about when it comes to summer is how the boys will get along with each other all day for several months! These clues also help them to think beyond themselves- remember our own Mom's telling us kindness begins at home? :)

Another clue involves preparing cards with quarter on them like these... later be taped to pop or gumball machines for someone to find. We've loved doing this- it's really cool when you can watch from the car or something as the person finds the quarter :) These printable cards are also included in the treasure hunt kit so that clue requires no extra work.

I hope your family will enjoy doing a few Random Acts of Kindness this summer with the help of these colorful clues! I did have an actual treasure (something like a Ring Pop or glow sticks) for the boys, but it certainly wasn't the best and most memorable part of our Random Acts of Kindness Treasure Hunt. :)

And Happy Serving!



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