Tuesday, July 15, 2014

So, What Do We Do in the Summatime?

Been too long since I shared our everyday life goings on! And there have been lots of fun things to share!
Maybe that's why I haven't blogged about them... been busy making memories :)

What are we doing this summer so far? Visiting Grandma and Grandpa... several more trips planned before it's over for sure. This particular one the boys got to go on a morning fishing trip with Grandpa and enjoyed Grammie's fun new double slip n' slide.

My favorite part of the trip, though, was the finding of this amazing little natural hideaway on my parent's property... it was like a sort of secret garden! The boys got inside and named it their own "Fort Hall." They set up camp and enjoyed it as long as I stayed in with them... Can't wait to enjoy this awesome spot more too.

What else? Bringing out the guns. We've had Taron and Keaton with us a bit, not as much as we'd like, but our times together have been fun! They've had their friends accompany them here a couple of times too and that has made for some good times!

Of course, we've been frequenting our favorite local summer spot, Rigby Lake. We also do simple, daily fun stuff like playing with baking soda and colored vinegar...

... or making slime our of glue and borax. :) These sorts of things are actually some of my very  favorite things about summertime- just having my boys at home, together, to really do the things we want to do.

These are also the moments that make me so, so grateful for what a wonderful provider, Dad and husband Stephen is. Because of him, I'm able to be with them, raising them and teaching them how to be good people (hopefully at least). Because of him, our life is so good, so blessed. Simple... and blessed :)

Of course, our number one go-to for what to do in the summertime is to hit our own little bit of water in our own yard. Yes, yes, we had to go and copy Grandma with the double slip n' slide- best thing ever :)

Summer also means Stephen and I celebrate our anniversary! TEN years this year- woo hoo! We think that's a pretty cool milestone, I admit :) We might just be planning a little getaway for this coming winter in fact... ;)

And in the most horribly incriminating photo ever, it's true, I prove that summer means letting the laundry get even more carried away from me than usual... to the point the boys can bury themselves entirely in it- ha! They thought it was pretty great at any rate :)



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