Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Puffs!

Don't you just love how you can get away with so much in the eyes of kids? Corny things like jumping around the living room to music from a movie, singing without much thought to being in tune, and calling pom pom balls "Happy Puffs." :)

That's what they are in our world these days at least... I've put an age old idea to use to get Cooper to cooperate better at getting dressed, listening quicker, speaking kindly, etc. When he is good, he earns a "happy puff" and puts it in the designated jar. When the jar is full, we'll get to go picnicking down in the Snake River Canyon.

He loves whenever we cross the bridges over the Canyon and is always asking to go down there, so it's a fun incentive! Going really well thus far... other than I'm running out of green puffs because that's all he wants to pick :)

I would have made this all cuter, but it's durable this way... yet another thing to love about kids... a little bit of frosting goes a long way ;)


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