Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekend with the Brothers

We took the boys to the park in the process of delivering our Valentine treats while they were here- it was cold, but fun! I love this pic of Cooper peeking out. I have a better pic of all three of them on the slide, but it's on my other camera which is now dead so I can't upload from it right now- so how it goes, eh? Taron and Keaton were great to play with Coop and help make it fun, even though I know it's not thier favorite brand of fun anymore ;)

Look a bit familiar? Seems Coop can't help but cuddle up with Taron whenever he is hangin' out on the floor. Warms my heart! Thanks for a great weekend boys!
Their mom is about to have a baby, and they may not get to be with us for the weekend again until afterward- good luck Tara and boys in getting your new little one here and home!


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