Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Rock, Babe

For the bulk of this week, Stephen has been and is here. I know, could be anywhere in Nevada, right? He's atually in Elko, working to making our goals reality. Making sure that when the folks who run this place...

... get a visit from the Fire Marshal, they can keep on with business as usual. Working through the night and trying to squeeze sleep into the day. Getting greasy, stinky, wet, hot, sore and (obviously) tired. Being a mechanic, an engineer, a suprvisor, a laborer, a customer service representative, a salesman and more. He's running on the thoughts of four handsome boys and one pretty girl, and (whether he admits it or not) those peregrine eggs that are being incubated at the edge of our backyard.

Stephen, I love and appreciate you! And I want our family, friends and the occasional stranger who will read this to know that You Rock. As always, life is good. And You make it that way!



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