Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homemade Window Finger Paint

Quite awhile ago I bought the boys a set of Crayola Window Crayons. They were fun and effective, but I felt like I never really got rid of the mess of them, either! They just seemed to leave more of a residue, specifically on the rims of the window, than I would've liked. Recently I thought the boys might enjoy painting on our sliding door for something out of the ordinary to do, so I went in search of some window paint I could whip up on my own!

I liked the simplicity of this recipe, though she talked about how it was thinner that she might have preferred. I knew this project would be enough of a mess at best, so I didn't want a paint that would be too thin and drippy to make it even more so! A different recipe included corn starch and I decided I'd just combine the two!

So for your own easy to make, easy to clean up window paint, just combine:
Dish Soap
Tempera Paint 
(any washable would probably work fine)
a healthy dash of corn starch
I didn't measure at all, just squeezed until it seemed about right!

The boys were more than happy to dig in with their hands!
By the way- I got the aprons they're wearing via a swap at whoopdwhoop :)

I usually can't help but join in on stuff like this, so I drew them up a few little pics :) They were more interested in just mixing and smearing the color, but I think as they get older they'll actually draw with the colors too. It was fun to see the faces and squiggles they traced in what they had smeared, like up at the top :)

This was no problem to clean up, too- I actually let it dry (we wrote a note to Dad in the paint, so didn't actually have a choice). :) Then I sprayed it with a spray bottle and scraped off with a spatula, and lastly wiping it off with a washcloth. It would likely have been even more simple had it not of dried.

 Anyhow, there you have it- fun little boredom buster for a nice day...
and some sweet pics of these two sweet boys :)



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