Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Days

Ya know, days are good when I am.
When I am at my best, so is everything and everyone else around me it seems.
Not that any of it requires or revolves around me, just that... well, I guess, ya it does.
MY world revolves how I choose to make it, or even just perceive it.

I mention this at all because as I look at these pictures and go to write how I feel about them, I realize that I contradict myself and my recent "realism" post somewhat. I want to bottle these moments with the boys- these beautiful, beautiful faces, their sheer joy and awesome curiosity. How could I ever have felt frustrated over them again? And, no, I don't need an answer to that, because I'll get it soon enough, but still... gosh, I love them and love our life!

This is a temple sculpture Cooper created himself! These used to be all the rage around our house about a year ago, but they are fewer and farther between now. He announced he had it complete and then said, "oh, wait!" He quickly crumpled the very tip to create a Moroni... :)

Love this pic... he is Mine :) 

Do you ever do that? Look at your kids and flip back to before they ever were, to how you imagined then that they would be? I do. Like a mini sense of accomplishment just seeing their smiles- they are real, in the flesh, not just twinkles in my eye. Maybe it's a realization that I'm getting old... but it's truly awesome!

I tell him pretty much every day that he simply can't be this big... he insists he can and he wins :)

You're smiling seeing this one, huh? Yeah, me too :)
We recently did another round of ding dong ditching to deliver some cinnamon rolls. Ry loves to carry things for me and I let him take this box from the house to the car. Once I got outside behind him- frosting on the chin! I went back in for the camera... obviously. :)  (And by the way, I tried this frosting recipe for these and might never do cream cheese frosting any other way again- it was yum yum yum!)

The boys got to have a weekend long playdate with our friends' two little girls recently too. As you might have guessed, I couldn't keep myself from doing their hair... :)

Great Spring Days... :)

Oh, and in-between it all, I've been cranking out wreaths... I never would have dreamed when Monica and I whipped up some Patriotic Frosting on a whim two years ago that I'd be buying felt by the yards for them one day! It's a short wave no doubt, but it's been pretty fun! 



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