Monday, June 28, 2010

Patriotic Wreath Project

If you are here from Pinterest and
would like a better tutorial for this wreath,
please CLICK HERE!
You can also find it in my etsy shop, HERE :)

This is one of my favorite things I've crafted in awhile- I love how these patriotic wreaths turned out! My friend Monica and I did them together (or rather, she completed hers while I got a little bit done in-between nursing and toddler refereeing)... so it blessedly goes around here!

A little midnight oil and we now have this adorable patriotic frosting on the front door! I have looked and looked to find where I first saw this idea and have finally decided I'm not wasting anymore time looking! I've seen this style around quite a lot and certainly didn't come up with it myself!

It's made using a foam wreath form and small squares of felt, pressed in to the foam with a skewer stick. We did have the idea to include some springy stars and they are a cute touch! Thanks Monica for a fun afternoon and fun project... click here to see her version and Happy Independence Day all!



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