Friday, June 11, 2010

Twelve Years Old!

This last Tuesday we celebrated my stepson Taron's 12th Birthday!! Not always is he with us on the actual day of his birthday, so we had a little party to celebrate! He was pretty excited to have it be his day :)

I love how optimistic and easy going this kid is- he has a definite knack for looking at the bright side! He is fun and easy to talk to and a great big brother!

Believe it or not, Taron was actually excited about his new bird vest from Dad. Stephen does good at taking the boys out whenever he can- be it with the birds, fishing, shooting, whatever.

And the new bike was a hit! Taron is keeping the stretch in front of our house pretty hot on this thing already!

I made these fun pinwheels as a table decoration for his party. The stems are 1' x 8' cello bags that are fun to fill with M&Ms, Skittles and jellybeans! They made things look bright and summery :)

This may not be the ultimate birthday picture, but I wanted to include it to let the people in it know that we are so grateful for them! Great friends that make a party! Taron's friend Tucker from church and his primary teacher also stopped by- what great people we live around!

Turning 12 means that Taron will be getting the priesthood now. He is so excited and anxious to be able to pass the sacrament, and what a life highlight for Stephen to ordain his firstborn! We are so proud of you Taron!



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