Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Think I'll...

register Cooper for swimming lessons... and do a Mommy and me class with Ryder at the same time

Learn to sew... and then make curtains and a diaper bag and about 15 other projects I've been wishing I could try :)

Visit the zoo with my sister and niece... on a Tuesday

Plant a few seeds in our garden space... and actually weed them!

Catch up on laundry... and stay that way

Read a few verses from the scriptures with Cooper in the mornings

Have the boys all help make homemade popsicles and baking soda volcanoes

Teach Cooper how to check out books at the public library

Make homemade bread once a week... and mop (not just sweep) my kitchen floor just as often

Schedule appointments, manage invoices and take care of correspondence for this attractive entreprenuer I know ;)

Never refer to my best friend as my babysitter again :)

Take the term "talking points" out of my vocabulary...

Because I Can!!


PS. Happy 12th Birthday today Taron! I'll post more later this week after our shindig tonight!


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