Monday, August 6, 2012

Catchin' Up, Takin' Off

I feel like I've been rather absent  from my little blog here lately... shocker, I know. ;)
I feel like we've really soaked up the summer more than I have in a long time, actually.
The boys are older and can do more, it's more possible to get out and about than it's ever been.
Our life feels more stable... full, but stable. It's good. We are blessed!

Recently a woman mentioned to me that she always checks out our yard as she drives past to see what fun thing we're up to now. It was a compliment for sure. :) I've also been taking more pictures with my smart phone, now that I actually have one, and am only just now figuring out how to blog my phone pics! Thought I'd share a few to catch up on what our past while has looked like...

So awhile back we took Stephen's dogs out to run near these two ponds at Snake River Landing in town. The boys had gotten into their swimsuits so they could get in and cool off while we were at it. Alas, when we got there, signs were clearly posted that there was no swimming allowed. Well... there wasn't many people around at all, so, like the stalwart parents we are, we let the boys get in anyway. We truly are not usually rule breakers, really! They had a ball along the back edge and we were seriously stumped as to why the ponds didn't allow swimming- what a perfect little spot it was! Well... we realized we'd put ourselves through the school of hard knocks when we got back to the truck and the boys were covered in tiny little leeches! Gross! We got them off fairly easily with their towels, but nonetheless, it was plenty disturbing! Now we know... :P

Lemonade stand! Coop loves having "stands" to earn money :) We made real lemonade and also had fresh blended strawberries, pineapple and watermelon that people could add- it was rather gourmet! He was so thrilled when a couple of our neighbors stopped by before turning onto the busy road. One nice guy even slowed down quick and pulled in before continuing on- it made for a fun day! Well... fun couple of hours really ;)

In the evenings, we frequently ride bikes down to the intersection, where the boys get to choose to turn left to go see the Ricks' awesome scarecrow, or right to throw rocks into the canal, above. I love little things like this- I wonder if they will remember those simple delights when they are older. :)

We just recently snagged what was, I'm quite certain, one of the last inflatable pools remaining in the entire city of Idaho Falls... next year, I'm not waiting so long! The boys have all totally loved it! It doesn't beat the Lake for sure, but it'll do marvelously when it gets to be about 110 degrees against our western-facing house! I love this little video of them enjoying it... 

Making homemade slime- this never fails to please for an indoor activity! I use this recipe.
Notice Ryder burying his Ninja Turtle... made me laugh! :)

And quite possibly my favorite picture of the summer...

my baby and the hose ;)


PS. Those awesome mountains and turquoise water are calling our name!
We are headed to our favorite places these next couple of weeks- Redfish and Island Park.
Cooper's already caught about 45 fish and
Ryder can't understand why I won't dip into the stash of Fruit Roll-ups already!
So, when I'm absentee again... you'll know why ;)


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