Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day

This can't be real. This isn't my kid I'm posting about.
I'm in some sort of alternate reality, I just know it.
Alas, he is certainly not...

What a stunning little man! Gosh, I am so proud of him!
He had such a great first day of Kindergarten!

Ryder wanted his own sign too :) I am sure grateful he has a few years left to chill with Mama. He's not so sure about being left behind though... he walked right into Cooper's class group behind him like he belonged there!

Handsome :)
He was so thrilled to finally get to wear his new shoes, tree frog shirt and backpack!
(Which match, he would tell you)
And this is what he did when I asked him to show me how excited he was...

Could you almost just burst looking at him?!

He is in afternoon kindergarten for now, so his teacher, Mrs. Schuster, and her aide met them all outside the school. She had them follow her when she stomped her feet, folded her arms and so on.
Then they all got in a line and followed her in...

... and I cried. I cried as I watched him even standing outside. I gave him our "I Love You" sign and he did it back to me- I was glad. :) I cried all the way home and wondered what I was thinking not homeschooling him! I really am glad that he is so excited and so ready. He will do great, I have no doubt. Mrs. Schuster will be more than I could ever be. And Ryder and I will have playdates- (thanks to my new friend Janna for having us over to play today- it really helped me relax!)- and dress-up together and play trucks, dinosaurs, guys and ball, and maybe nap. And then go pick up our Cooper after just three hours- thank heavens!



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