Saturday, September 22, 2012

Everyday Momentousness

  Yes, that's a word ;)
I've missed getting the pics we've taken with Stephen's phone lately onto the blog,
so thought I'd share...

Stephen recently got to confer the priesthood onto his next eldest son- these are awesome moments that he worries greatly about making special. He did great and Keaton had some great support for his special day :)

Remember I mentioned that Fall means Stephen's loses his head for the birds? Well, this is just what I mean- that sage grouse up there (indeed, the one that's been decapitated) is what is swirling around in his brain a fair chunk of the time these days. This was a particularly successful morning, clearly... Coop thought so too :)

I recently buckled down and cleared the clutter out of all of the bedrooms in the house- I love how it feels!  Sadly, it's true, I was unpacking boxes from when we moved in here a year ago- jeez!  Now I'm hoping to do some fun decorating in the boys' rooms... Anyhow, the boys enjoyed playing in a huge pile of blankies and pillows between our bed and the wall while I worked. Piles and boys just go together :)

Last weekend we traveled with my Mom and Dad down to Bringham City for the Temple Open House. Cooper was so excited about getting to go in the Temple- he's still telling anyone who will listen about it :) We were told that the Open House expected to see 26,000 people that day and, indeed, it felt like about half of them were packed into the parking garage maze with us, but it was a good experience nonetheless. My parents treated us all to Maddox- yum!- and sent us home with some awesome Utah peaches too- double yum! :)

The next day after church, Cooper became the delighted new owner of this four-year old turtle :) His Dad is always keeping an eye out on craigslist for the next best thing for his animal-lovin' mini me. It pays off too... just today Coop was alone with me and he says, "Hey, Mom, ya know who's just my favorite?... (very brief pause)... Dad!" Yes, son, yes, I know... :) 

And for a parting shot, have you tried this recipe I shared last year yet?? You should... there are lots of reasons I'll forever be indebted to my cousin Laci... and these breadsticks are one of them:)



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