Monday, September 24, 2012

Catapults and Cookies

...have been what little boys are made of around here this last week :)

Don't these just shout fun?! They were so simple and easy to make- I had pinned this awhile ago and only had to look at the picture to be able to whip these out myself :) Small rubber bands and popsicle sticks- thats it! All four of the boys enjoyed these through the weekend... and FYI... Skittles make much better ammo than marbles do :/


Also whipped up these pumpkin cookies this weekend...

I've seen these around quite a bit, but I originally got the recipe from my sister, Lundyn, several years ago. Seriously the most simple thing ever:

Two Spice cake mixes
One Large can of Pumpkin
One bag chocolate chips

Mix and spoon onto a cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 for 12-15 minutes.

So easy, huh? They maybe aren't the prettiest cookie, but they don't last long enough to care! And we LOVE these- Ryder could eat them all day long. I actually don't sweat these as much as other cookies. At least they are somewhat healthy!

I like to make whoopie pies with these using THIS awesome cream cheese frosting recipe :) I once left out the chocolate chips and rolled the side in finely chopped pecans once the pies were put together- that was a big hit too :) Enjoy!



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