Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall It Is

I miss my little blog here!
What's happened that I don't have as much to include these days?!
I need to get back in the habit of my trusty Rebel being in the mix of everything we do!
My phone has been hefty competition and I tell ya, it's gotta change!
Not to mention, it's high time
I designed a new printable or made some sort of craft- soon to come I promise :)

Truth be told... I'm not one of the masses that loves the Fall. (Gasp- I know, I know!) Yes, I enjoy the colors of the changing leaves, but the colder air just means goodbye to all the fun things I love doing in the water during the summer. I'd much prefer not to have to worry about jackets and socks in the equation of leaving the house or getting dressed. Fall means my beloved summer is over and lacks the romanticism or coziness of Winter. So, there you have it... these days I'm just biding my time for that first snow or first Christmas craft! The boys have been doing more indoor stuff as a result- like playing in the flour bucket ;) Or riding in the bottom of the cart at JoAnn... (I love this pic!)

This last week the boys both loved the Fall Carnival at Coop's school! I got to help lead the Make n' Take Crafts room, where kids could pay two tickets to make a little project they could take home. It was busy and messy, but fun most of all :) Meanwhile, Stephen helped the boys get around...

I stepped away from my own room briefly to get to watch them do the fishing game :)
Here there are at the table where they got to decorate their own mask...

 Classic, good elementary memories :)


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