Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Super Simple Halloween Countdown

Two weeks (not quite even!) until Halloween!!
Cooper suggested just the other day that we make a countdown, "like Christmas."
And so we did! I had seen this idea and thought it would be super simple and fast,
plus had a fun thought to make it our own with some washi tape I'd won from Pick Your Plum!

We used normal toothpicks to stick right into a little pie pumpkin-
I think these little mini guys are just so stinkin' cute!
I tore a small piece of the washi tape, then wrapped and clipped it to create a little flag on the end,
then handed them one by one to the boys to poke into the top of the pumpkin themselves-
they loved it! I did have to stab little marks for Ryder  :)

I love gingham and was thrilled to see the sheer diagonal striped tape I had created it on it's own!
 Black and white tapes were what I had and it was perfect for Halloween :)
Really any colored tape, or paper scraps, or tissue paper,
or whatever you have on hand, could be fun.

They took one pick out tonight before they went to bed and now have it to
look forward to for the next two weeks :)
A little something to fulfill their excitement from now to then!
If you have an excited kiddo, (really, if you have young kids, they surely are excited!)
this would make a great super simple project- enjoy!



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