Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Happiness

The boys have been excited for Halloween since, well... last Halloween!
They are getting so excited for their costumes and all the fun of the holiday.
They've been doing a bit of decorating and playing- this is our front door!
He turned out cute, eh? :) I got the idea HERE.

They actually dress up a lot...
The next Sunday at Church, a bunch of the kids in our Primary class
said they saw them out jumping in capes :)

They got in by Mom for a quick dress-up shot, while I was wearing a silly hat too :)

They love this big skeleton- he's a holdover from the last two years!
And we tried making these hand and foot print bats-
they just wanted to finger paint more than make these, but got them done for my sake anyway. :)
I saw this idea HERE

Now I need to be getting hot on finishing starting their costumes... :)



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