Monday, December 31, 2012

The Days Just Before

I'm certainly behind the curve posting about the little bit before Christmas
now that it's over, but oh well I guess!

A week or so before Christmas, Cooper and Ryder were trying to "hide out" in the hallway bathroom. When I tried to find out what they were up to, they said they were "doing you (me) a surprise." They were cleaning the bathroom together! Coop had brought Ry in a stool so he could get up to clean the mirror- this sure made me smile :)

December 23 we were in Pocatello for the Buffat Family Christmas Party! A couple of family members ended up being sick and we didn't have all the time we would have liked, but it ended up being a great time anyway. Each family brought pantry items to create several big boxes to give to a family friend in need. Grandma Janie also had candy canes with notes on them about the spiritual significance of the candy that the kids got to "knock and run" around the neighborhood- they loved this part!

We met several of Stephen's cousins at Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds to give them a super-size caroling treat! I think they said they counted 52 of their posterity in their front yard! It was neat to watch them watch us :)

After their house, we all went to the mall in Pocatello to try out a little flash mob style Christmas fun! We all stood in the center court of the mall, in smaller broken up groups, while Stephen started singing solo! Then we all joined in with him- it was pretty interesting! A unique memory for sure! We noticed a few people joining in around us.... and that the Pocatello mall is pretty well a tomb these days :/

Then the next day we got duded up for Christmas Sunday-
don't the boys all look so handsome!



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