Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time

This last weekend we traveled home for a Huffaker Family Christmas party! Again, all of my siblings were able to be together- we've been lucky lately! It was awesome being at Mom and Dad's, with both my Waddoups and Huffaker grandparents there as well. We had drawn names between the couples and the kids earlier so we had a fun little gift exchange. I love getting the chance to buy cute little girly things for my nieces!

For some crazy reason, Ryder decided he was going to open his present at random a couple nights before.... his was no surprise! I do believe we'll start this whole Christmas thing a bit later next year- the boys are about fried with all the waiting!

Cooper and I picked some adorable little Lalaloopsy Mini dolls for Quincy. If I had a girl, I would have to restrain myself not to be collecting all of these- they are SO cute! We picked a little magician girl and a firefighter girl for her and she was delighted! Again, hers wasn't too much of a surprise since Cooper told her what it was during lunch... :/

Stephen and I had Ben and Cyndel's names this year. I know Cyndel loves decorating her house and they are about to move, so I made this fun chalkboard for them to hang in their red and turquoise kitchen!

Only the edges are turquoise, but it should look good against her red wall :) It was fun using this chalk marker and picking a quote to go on it. Now they can change it up as they want- they seemed to really like it. Stephen also made Ben a modified clay pigeon thrower. :) They happen to have our names also and gave us the coolest basket of goodies for us to have some "us" time...

I also made this sign for my Mom- now she can hang art or pictures of her grandkids on it :) She has their drawings on her fridge now.

My Dad gave each of us girls the cutest hats! Aren't we stylin' ? ;) My sisters both look good in hats and I usually don't, but I really do like this one!

And I daresay the best part of the whole day was the impromptu Nativity the kids put on while Stephen read (a condensed version of) Luke 2. Ryder is a shepherd- I begged him several times to swap the army hat for a towel, but he wouldn't have it, so this is a shepherd, folks.  He got rave reviews for sure! And isn't Brylee the cutest stinkin' angel ever?!! She kept lovin' on the doll that we used for Baby Jesus the whole time :)

Quincy was thrilled as thrilled to be Mary! She kept telling little snippets about Mary, followed by "Which is Me," said very matter-of-factly... cutest. While getting ready, she was wearing awesome pink high heels, though I don't think they made it into the actual production ;)

And Coop was the lone wiseman, very proudly carrying gold...
in the form of a shiny necklace he found in the playroom :)

Because Mary simply couldn't be without a Joseph, we asked Taron to participate and he obliged happily... handsomest Joseph ever :) This was honestly really touching... comical, yes. But also touching. These little ones know the Christmas story. They know that it is more important and their spirits sure did shine! 

And in other news around our house... I just wanted to add these couple pictures also :) Little Ry has loved playing with this snowman building set that I attached to some magnet paper. I printed these from HERE. Fun little bit of Christmas-ness to fill his time while I'm in the kitchen :)

Cooper's school recently put jars in each classroom and encouraged students to put their spare change in the jars so that the money could be combined to give to a family in need. Well, the idea captured Cooper immediately. He didn't think he had any money that first day, but went to his backpack and coat to dig through his pockets anyway. He could hardly contain his excitement at having found a dollar bill! He went and put it right in the class jar. Then the next time he built and decorated this new fun jar to take for his class to all put money in- so cute! I couldn't help but busting up when he called it "The Poor Jar." Not funny I know, but it still make me giggle! So glad he is a giving kid and is touched by thinking of others :)

Indeed it is the most wonderful time of the year...
so long as I don't have to go into Walmart for the next week...



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